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Premier Access | New Sliding Garage Cabinets

PremierAccess™ is the newest addition to a long line of successful garage products introduced by PremierGarage of Miami Fort Lauderdale. This innovative by-pass sliding door system is completely designed with convenience and ease of accessibility in mind. 

PremierAccess is the first garage cabinet system introduced that allows you to access your belongings without moving your car, truck, or suv. Built without swining doors, these beautifully crafted sliding doors feature an upper and lower roller track mechanism which allows the doors to slide left to right, verses the traditional 'swing door' motion.

Available in all PremierGarage finishes, you can mix and match PremierAccess sliding doors with our traditional garage cabinets for the perfect arrangement designed exclusively to meet your needs. 

Available Colors:  Maple, Pewter, Bronze, White

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