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PremierOne Hybrid Polymer vs traditional Epoxy

Get the industry's most innovative floor coating technology, only from PremierGarage. A unique proprietary Hybrid Polymer blend, you’ll get a coating system that is easy to clean, chemical and stain resistant, has lasting beauty and outmatches epoxy in every way.

Compare and Choose For Yourself

PremierOne System
Discounted Epoxy Coatings
Technology Hybrid-Polymer Based - Today’s technology designed for residential applications Solvent Based - 50+ year old technology
Components Non-hazardous, environmentally friendly Hazardous material with very harsh odors, flammable, not legal in all 50 states
Life Span 100% UV Protection/No Oxidation O% UV Protection, will fade & discolor due to our climate
Cure Time Cures completely solid in just 24 hours after final application (most cases) Total cure time after final application is 7 to 10 days.
Finish Cures 2 times harder than Epoxy Softer material than a hybrid-polymer when cured
Proprietary Product Exclusively offered by PremierGarage locations throughout North America Numerous manufacturers provide inconsistent quality materials
Guarantee PremierGarage has the experience and confidence to guarantee each garage floor system against workmanship and material defect – and we put it in writing! Lifetime warranties for garage floor coatings can be misleading. The “fine print” may exclude the most popular products by other companies. Read them closely & ask questions!