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Why is garage organization more important than ever before?

Garage organization is something we all need to do but can’t seem to find the time to do. Without the proper garage organizers, more and more clutter seems to pile up in various corners of the garage. Often 'in-home' items are exiled to the garage just before they are sent to the garbage. And, chances are, you have various kitchen items, clothing, boxes, sports equipment and other tools scattered across your garage. Organize these items and create a clean and classy look to this space. Not only will it create an area in your home that can be easily managed and maintained, you will no longer have to waste time searching for the items you need. With garage organizers and storage systems you’ll know where everything is. And best of all, you’ll feel relieved when you drive into your garage each day.

At PremierGarage of Miami - Fort Lauderdale, we have a number of garage organization solutions and systems to help clean-up the mess. Our storage solutions include; stainless steel cabinetry, wood cabinets, countertops, 1" thick shelving, wall racks and grid systems, and easy to access drawers. Each system is custom designed by one of our trained experts to give your home the unique touch it deserves.


Hundreds of design options to choose from! Contact our professional local design team to see your garage come alive with our 3-D home consultation. Email us today.

Why can't I just do it myself?

Sure you can buy a do-it-yourself garage storage system that is said to be "easy" to install. But who has the time? Plus you’ll sacrifice quality and appearance. Just as you trust the experts to change your oil or tune your car’s engine, PremierGarage of Miami - Fort Lauderdale is the garage enhancement expert of South Florida for a reason.

The garage is a great place for multipurpose storage. Where else can you park your car, store sports equipment, work on weekend projects and make repairs to various household items? But as your garage becomes messy, it does more harm than good. Not only does it frustrate us, it can even become a dangerous area for your family.

Garage organization is becoming more and more of a necessity in homes today. PremierGarage of Miami - Fort Lauderdale offers top-of-the-line cabinetry, storage systems, shelving, and various wall rack and hooks that make organizing your home easy. Trust the experience and professional work of PremierGarage. Schedule our design team today for your in-home 3-D design rendering and consultation.

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