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What are some of the issues with cheaper do it yourself epoxy coatings?

Miami garage floor epoxy and Fort Lauderdale garage floor epoxy is commonly used to improve the look and functionality of a garage floor. But there are often problems with the product. In fact, PremierGarage of Miami - Fort Lauderdale receives hundreds calls each year from people who have recently installed a do-it-yourself epoxy coating or had another "reputable" company install epoxy - in which it has already faded, cracked, or both.


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Lengthy Epoxy Installations

In most cases, epoxy paint takes anywhere between 4-10 days to settle and dry before you can drive on it. Even after this period, there is little guarantee the installation will not have some type of flaw. Below is a laundry list of items necessary if you decide to install epoxy on your own:

Seems like a lot? It is! And, there are many potentially harmful results if not done correctly putting your home and your investment at risk. Something as simple as a layer of dust or dirt can damage the epoxy paint. Major problems can arise if the surface is too smooth, too damp, weak, cracking or has expanding joints, of if you wait too long for drying or don’t wait long enough. The list goes on. It is often difficult to say exactly why a coating on a cement slab will be unsuccessful, but a there is a high percentage of failure. But, not with PremierGarage!

PremierGarage Hybrid Polymer Floor Coating

Epoxy paint is a solvent based product developed over 50 years ago. The state-of-the-art proprietary blend called PremierOne is specifically designed for residential garage floors. Epoxy is also a hazardous material and can be difficult to install on your own and may become faded or cracked rather quickly. Not PremierOne. The unique blend will not fade or discolor due to climate or weather conditions.

The PremierGuarantee puts everything in writing. Your floor carries a 10-year warranty against lifting, peeling and staining. PERIOD.

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