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What type of garage cabinets can you install in Fort Lauderdale and Miami?

Specializing in homes in the Fort Lauderdale and Miami area, with PremierGarage you’ll get garage cabinets that express your taste and style. Choose the traditional wood cabinetry for a simple and elegant look. Or stainless steel and metal finished cabinets for a sleek and casual look. Get the perfect solution for your Miami or Fort Lauderdale home. You can also get a unique grid wall system and racks to organize your garage while adding value to your home. So what is the difference between the various other companies who offer garage cabinets? Simple, they are not PremierGarage.

Each installation is custom designed to fit your needs. From our initial meeting, you will see how our presentation and knowledge of garage design is above and beyond any other company in Florida.

No two garages are exactly the same. Various sizes, placements, and colors must be taken into consideration before installation. Our expert design team will help coordinate the colors, the layout, and the other elements in and around your home to create a perfectly matched garage. And, you can see what your garage will look like down to the last nut and bolt with our 3-D computer presentation.

What Sets Us Apart from the Competition

We use interlocking backs on each of our storage units. The full 1/4-inch interlocking cabinet backs give our units unmatched strength verses the competition's cabinetry. PremierGarage cabinets are less prone to insect invasion, dirt build up, and water damage. Our shelving is 25% thicker than the industry standard. Our cabinets can hold a heavier load, and will last longer than our competition. We use steel hardware on all of our installations. By not using the standard plastic or aluminum hardware, your cabinets are more likely to outlast and outperform the competition.

Avoiding Common Problems with Proper Installation Techniques

By installing the new garage cabinets off the ground by 6"-8", your unit will be less susceptible to invasion of rodents, lizards, and other bugs that will more commonly create a nest underneath the cabinet. You also don't have to worry about the harsh Florida weather flooding your garage storage unit. As the cabinetry is lifted off the ground, water is unable to damage the unit.


Enjoy the most attractive and durable garage cabinets sold in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. From stainless steel, wood, and metal cabinetry finishes, PremierGarage has the right choice for you to customize this space in your home. Contact our qualified design experts and get started on your cabinets today!

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