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Garage Storage Cabinets

Do you have one of those messy garages? Boxes, sports equipment, clothes and other items that have been piling up since the day you moved in! It's about time to get organized with a PremierGarage cabinetry system.

Your Home - Your Style

Get the highest quality materials in the industry. Our lineup of wood, stainless steel and metal finished cabinets are all custom-made to fit your exact specifications. No longer are "one size fits all" cabinets your only option.

Outlast and Outperform

Most companies use cheap products and simple installation techniques. Not PremierGarage of Miami - Fort Lauderdale! We use superior techniques proven to outlast the competition; including thicker shelving, stronger backing, and steel hardware. And cabinets that are made stronger with high-density 1" particle board thermo fused between two layers of melamine. In lieu of our competition's low density ½" particle board with a laminate pasted to the outsides, with our technology you’ll get a cabinetry system that can hold up in the high humidity, high temperatures of the South Florida area.

You'll Never Believe It's The Same Room!

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